Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This was on fellow Foxy Erin's blog. Yeah, I'm swiping it.

This is me - A to Z

A-Age: 28
B-Bed size: Full
C-Chore you hate: Taking out the trash
D-Dessert you love: Warm apple cobbler w/ ice cream
E-Essential start your day item: Shower
F-Favorite actor(s): Tom Hanks
G-Gold or Silver: Prefer silver but I only ever wear a gold crucifix
H-Height: 5'4"
I-Instruments you play: the recorder, but only one song
J-Job title: Clinical Nurse II
K-Kids: NONE
L-Living arrangements: Just me in my slum
M-Mom's name: Herminia (Mina, Mama Medina)
N-Name something you love to do: Sing at the top of my lungs in my car
O-Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None
P-Phobia: Worms
Q-Quote you like: Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of my own mind.
R-Right or left handed: Right
S-Siblings: Sister (35 yrs)
T-Time you woke up today: 9am (NOT like me at all!)
U-Unique habit: I put things in order at stores (obsessive compulsive trait)
V-Vegetable you hate: bell peppers
W-Worst habit: Procrastination
X-X-rays you've had: right arm, right foot, left hand, teeth, thorax
Y-Yummy food you can make: Turkey
Z- Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Crafty Day

Made this altered canvas wall hanging at a class taught by fellow Foxy Cropper Lisa Spiegel. Just love how it turned out. The Basic Grey paper I chose is a little crazy, but the black and white picture I'll use will tone it down a bit. One of the ladies in the class said she'd love to see the picture for it (she must have thought it would be kinky). It'll be a prim and proper picture of us at my friend's wedding this summer.

Last night we had our 12th Annual Groupie Christmas Get Together. We've been doing this since Senior year in high school. Last night those punk asses pulled a mean trick on me. I'd worked Friday night and hadn't slept at all on Saturday, so I fell asleep while watching Elf. Gracie woke me up to tell me that everyone had opened their gifts and had gone home while I slept. Being the gullible oaf that I am, I totally fell for it and was so disappointed that I'd missed all the presents. While I was trying to wrap my mind around their having left, they were busting up in the kitchen. Meanies.

So I got my present after all. Nga got me some comfy pajama bottoms and stinky soaps for my bathroom. It was awesome to get what I needed, but I like the fun of doing the gift exchange White Elephant style. This year I wasn't the only sleepy one there, so we didn't get as imaginative with our pictures as last year, but had a nice time just the same.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feeling crafty...

and frustrated that I lost my post. And that my pics didn't go where I wanted them. Aargh.

Anyway, I've been in a crocheting frenzy this week thanks to inspiration from joining the Atwater Village Stitch n' Bitch a couple of weeks ago. I have enough expensive hobbies, I don't think knitting will join them anytime soon. For now crocheting (the tackier of the two) is enough for me. Here are the scarves I made this week.

Today I went downtown with Bucket and Crystle to shop for fabric and ribbon and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Yum. Anyway, I'm thinking of making tote bags a la Bungalow 360. Really digging the Michael Miller and Alexander Henry fabrics. We searched high and low for Amy Butler fabric but had no luck. Here are my fabric finds. Somewhere in my craft closet I have a pile of cute flannel I'd earmarked for pajama bottoms, but thinking of all the stuff I have to get done before the holidays, I may just put that off for next year.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My mojado...

So Katie, you asked who my mojado would be. Here he is. Papacito!

I'll never say that out loud, swear.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Yesterday Bucket and I made these aprons and they only took us 5 hours! It goes without saying that neither one of us is an expert seamstress, but I think we did well. Now that we know what we're doing, it'll go much faster next time. We're both really happy with our little aprons and can't wait to make more. I actually picked the same fabric that Bucket made hers out of, but I was feeling "stripey" yesterday. I have those two fabrics and another lime green and pink paisley fabric, so I'll have an array of aprons to choose from to match my clothes when I work at home or go to a crop. Now if I can only figure out a way to insert a picture. Let me try. Ok, apparently I squished in my post between 2 pictures but that's ok. I'll do it better next time. ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Don't you hate it when...

you go to sleep drunk and you're still drunk when you wake up? It's the worst feeling in the world, well almost as bad as say, I don't know, puking into a trash can outside your apartment and getting it on your hair, jeans, and glasses.

That was my fun Tuesday night. My friend Adrian and I finally went to see Liz Phair and I made the mistake of adding rum to my usual drinking regimen with disastrous results. I haven't had a binge like that for 5 years. And I wil NEVER EVER do it again. I'm serious.

So the show was great. I fell in love with Liz all over again. And she finished off with one of my all time favorite songs, Fuck and Run. When I was 17 I didn't want that to be my anthem. I think I overdid it with my conservative choices, yet oddly enough some of those lyrics still ring true. Liz Phair and I are at opposite extremes of the spectrum, but I can still appreciate her perspective. I wonder if she'd be able to reciprocate.

Say Anything baby...

To know Lloyd Dobbler is to love him. Diane Court is about to know Lloyd Dobbler.

Your Life is Like
Say Anything...

What John Cusack movie are you?

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm a 70 year old lady at heart

So check out the goings on of my last 10 days. I was a hermit for a couple of days last weekend (see post below). Then I went to my sister's house a couple of days, to see the kids in their Halloween costumes, and Wednesday to pick them up from school and make dinner. The little one was sick on Monday and decided to sneeze directly on my face. I knew instantaneously I'd be sick in a couple of days. Sure enough, Wednesday my throat started to hurt, Thursday and Friday I had to call in sick to work, and Saturday and Sunday went to my Photoshop class (I'm going to miss it) very groggy and sniffly. After class on Saturday I came directly home and played around with Photoshop for a while. No partying for me, nope, it was all about blowing my nose and rubbing Vicks Vaporub on my chest.

Then at some point the last few days I joined a Stitch n' Bitch group, actually 2, one for metro LA and one for Atwater Village. I took crocheting classes a few years ago, made a couple of unintentionally trapezoidal afghans, and then got a boyfriend and to hell with the crocheting. Well, I'd been meaning to take it up again the last couple of years, make myself a proper spinster. I'm really looking forward to going to the meetings, ESPECIALLY since the AV group meets within a 2 minutes walk from my house. I always have to drive to the Valley or Santa Clarita for craft-related events. This will be a really nice way to get to know people in my neighborhood.

Next item. I went to the Vicente Fernandez concert last night, with my mom and aunt, both of whom are in their 70's. Of course if you mix Chente, 6000 Mexicans, and beer everyone is bound to get shit-faced. Everyone but me. No, I was still blowing my effing nose!!! Seriously, that venue blasts the AC, and last night all of it apparently was directed at my chest. I may be buxom, but I found myself thinking, "I'm going to catch my death in here." WTF?!?

All of the above is a testament to the fact that I'm a little old lady sans wrinkles.

Being at that concert and seeing all those masculine men (as opposed to the pansies that are endemic to the US) made me seriously rethink the possiblity of getting myself a mail-order husband. I've heard of women (allegedly) getting paid to marry some poor mojado and then staying together. That would make a great movie. Oh wait, it's already been done. I think it was called Green Card. Of course in that movie since it was Gerard Depardieu (sp?) and Andie McDowell, it was cute. If such a story involved an American woman and a Mexican man you know all the bigots in the border states would blow a gasket.

Anyway, I was watching some of the couples dance and, as always, it made me wish I had learned to dance like that when I was young. I know it's considered chuntis (tacky), but I love how it looks. I've only danced like that once and that was last year in Mexico. Hopefully I'll have the chance to do it again when I go to Zacatecas in December for my cousin's wedding.

On a sidenote, my dumb ass finally figured out how to link within my comments. DOH!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I broke my blog

I don't know what the hell I did, but it's all wonky, I'm missing a couple of posts, not that they were all that fascinating, but just having them disappear into oblivion bothers me to no end. I LOATHE losing things, even if they aren't real.

So it's Saturday night, and I'm feeling keenly pathetic. I slept all day after working 3 weeks without more than one night off in a row. I woke up, showered, looked kinda cute if I do say so myself, and did NOTHING. Well, I took my mom to Borders because she's on the hunt for a stupid book about some kind of bull dog for her friend. Apparently it doesn't exist. I frankly am not that motivated to help her in her search. But I digress...

While my friends Luz and Monica are off dancing tonight, I'm sitting here at 8:40pm seriously contemplating going back to bed. I've got terrible cramps and am really bitchy. Why unleash my ferocity, short-lived as it may be, upon the world tonight when I can just stay home and feel my ass grow wider? I hate feeling this way and I know it's because it's the 1st day of my curse, but after 14 years I know I have to isolate myself today. It was due to people like me that women were banished to the outskirts of their villages during their menses. Why oh why does it have to be a Saturday night?

Really, I don't ever do typical Saturday night things. I used to love going dancing, and while I still like to dance, I hate having to prep and pay for it. Getting ready, blowing out the hair or shampooing it in mousse, applying makeup, donning the hoochie garb and shoes, paying for drinks (I don't like letting guys buy me drinks because they always expect something), dying in aforementioned hoochie shoes, getting all sweaty and not having any room to actually dance...all of it is at this point in my life supremely annoying. Not so when I was a teenager and in college, even a couple of years after college I still partook of the partying. Now I'd much rather go to dinner, see a movie, watch a concert (one without teenagers as they annoy me to tears now as well), or read a book.
When did I turn into such a boring homebody?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

"So if you care to find me...

look to the {Eastern} sky"...because I'll be in New York! Well, not until April but still. My sister and I had been planning a trip to New York to see Wicked with my niece. She was really bummed that the tour moved on to San Francisco without her being able to see it. Last night I bought the tickets for April 11th. So now to book flights and accomodations, but as long as we have great seats to Wicked, I don't care where we end up staying. I guess it would have been easier to just go to San Francisco to see it, but we've been wanting to go to NYC again and since Gabbie is turning into such a theatre geek, we figured we'd make a whole trip of it. And we're taking my mom since she's never been. My friend Raquel has also signed on. I wonder what adventures we'll have this time.

So RENT is coming out soon, day before Thanksgiving I believe. Gabbie and I fully intend to watch it the first night. We'll be Rentheads, even though she's only interested in Idina Menzel at this point.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ghost Sites

I found a most interesting website, a collection of final screen shots dating as far back as 1998(truly historic times). I've been perusing its list of defunct websites, most owing their demise to the dotcom bust.

Here's a funny one.

And this one is strange. I guess at one point the pedophile-and-skank infested was shut down.

This one was really interesting.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Why is it...

that in any given class there is always The Annoying Guy? Seriously. Usually the profile is the middle-aged, probably divorced, know-it-all guy who erroneously thinks asking tons of questions makes him look inquisitive when it really exposes his ineptitude. I'm taking a Photoshop class, today being the first of 4 weekend classes. This asswipe showed up 20 minutes late, making all kinds of ruckus, proceeded to ask about 7 questions that, if he'd been there on time, would have known the answers to. For the remainder of the 3 hours he proceeded to ask stupid questions, not pay attention, get ahead of himself, and hog up the instructor's time by screwing up. Then when class was done (20 minutes late thanks to Mr. Asswipe's questions), he had the gall to ask if he could stay through the lunch hour to practice. I felt like applauding when the instructor told him half the lunch hour was gone already and he didn't feel like staying cooped in the same room all day. The lady next to me told Annoying Guy to let the guy eat in peace. Ah, good times. I hope he gets the point and doesn't pull the same shit tomorrow.

So I took my mom to see "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley Maclaine. To be honest, I hadn't really wanted to see that particular film (most chick flicks are wait-for-the-DVD fare). But there wasn't much else to see that I thought my mom would enjoy, and she's a sucker for anything with mostly female casts. Well that damn movie was really good! Plus, I was drooling over Mark Feuerstein the whole time. I really dug him on "Wake Up, Miami" a few years ago. Ok, I don't know how the hell to insert a picture here. I'm retarded. Anyway, I think the guy is smoking. He's on my Top 20.

After the movie, we hit Barnes & Noble. I started Christmas shopping for my niece, picked up a Photoshop book which turned out to be the wrong version (oops), and got the Joel Osteen book I've picked up about 17 times. He's on my top 20 too, which is really bad because the guy is a married minister, and I ought not to covet my neighbor's husband. Whatever, it's not like I have any hope of seducing the man, so it's not so much coveting right? Besides, like I say, lust is not a sin I struggle with. Unfortunately.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ellen Degeneres

Today I went with my friend Marcie and her bf Errol to the Ellen Degeneres show. Guests were David Duchovny (still sexy), Constance Marie, and Liz Phair! What a coincidence! Apparently I was the only person there who was a fan of hers. I'll be seeing her at the HOB next month, looking forward to that. Then they taped a segment for a future show with Charlize Theron. She is the most beautiful woman alive. Absolutely stunning. So I heard Lindsay Lohan was in a car wreck today. I used to have a crush on her but now that she looks like Paris Hilton I find her repulsive. For some reason my enter bar is not functioning so this will be an inappropriately long paragraph. I finally watched the last episodes of "Freaks and Geeks." I'm so bummed this show was so short lived. It was a FANTASTIC show! Now I'm on to the 2nd season of Degrassi Jr. High. Gotta love Netflix!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch, the sequel to Wicked, is out! Gregory Maguire will be at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena on Tuesday October 18th and I fully intend on ditching work to be there! That's all for my blogging today. I just worked a 20 hour shift and I don't much feel like thinking.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

21st Century Spinster

Apparently I don't have one original bone in my body. Someone beat me to my own blog by a couple years. Too bad this admirable spinster vanished into oblivion. I only just found her site and I already miss her. Sniff sniff.

Anyway, if I were a stereotypical feminist, I would be her in about 8 years. But seeing as how I'm of the Catholic-Dr. Laura listening-non male bashing-gender role supporting variety, maybe I'm original after all. Or maybe I'm just a nun without the habit. And without the holiness.

21st Century Spinster

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dental Woes Continued

Well, I'm not "woeing" quite as much, but still quite worried if a dental implant will be the best thing for me. I went back to the periodontist for an implant consultation. I must say, kinda have a crush on the man. He's an older guy with quite the bald head, but his pleasant demeanor and exotic accent just make him sexy. Plus, he's the type of man that looks at a woman like a woman, not a piece of meat nor an inanimate object. Anyway, he's better than my dentist, that's for damn sure.

So anyway, he brought me his laptop to show me examples of the work he's done with implants. His temporaries look a lot better than any of my permanent crowns. Looks like his lab does decent work as well.

I'll think it over some more, but I think this may be the route to take. It'll be a GRIP, $3500 out of pocket, but thank God I'm taking out about that much for my healthcare reimbursement account.

So now, off to the movies I go!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It's been a while since my last post. The only exciting thing to have happened was that I went to see Jaguares at the Pantages last week with my friend Carmen. It was awesome! Our seats were in the orchestra pit in the second row of chairs, so Saul was practically sweating on us. It was better than being at the House of Blues because we were able to sit and it was nice and cool in there. After the concert, Carmen and I signed up for Amnesty International and got free tshirts with the Jaguares logo and a message about stopping the violence against women in Juarez.

Saturday is a Groupie outing day for Luz and Wacky. And next week are my mom's and sister's bdays. I need to go shopping!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dental Woes

(Excerpt from a Foxy Croppers post, therefore redundant to the Foxies)

So clumsy me fell straight onto my face when I was 10 years old and ruined one of my front teeth. I've obviously never had the best of dental care, and no one seemed to notice that my tooth was all effed up until 6 years ago when I started going back regularly. When it came to fixing my damaged front tooth, the dentist and I had a little misunderstanding and he ended up filing my tooth down and putting a series of hideous crowns on it.

So fastforward to this year, the fake tooth is loose and needs to be replaced. I've spent the whole summer going from one dentist to a specialist (and back again )who don't seem to communicate with each other and certainly not with me. After being told by the specialist that my tooth and gum were fine, all I needed was a new better quality crown without plastics in it because of my latex allergy (supposedly that's what was causing my gum to be so irritated), I went back to my regular dentist today to put a temporary crown. Well now apparently the tooth is in terrible shape. Mind you, this is THE FIRST TIME the dentist has looked me in the eye and actually spoken to me. Usually he's in such a rush that he comes to do his business and goes onto the next pt without ever asking me how I'm doing.

Anyway, today I guess he finally noticed how nervous I was and teary eyed, so he took the time to tell me that my tooth is basically shot to hell and explained my options.

1. Proceed with a crown lenghthening in an attempt to save my tooth (which the dentist seems to feel might be a waste of money and energy)

2. Get a bridge where they'd have to crown the adjacent teeth (I'm not liking the thought of MORE crowns after all the crappy ones I've had so far)

3. Pull the tooth out and get an implant

I wonder if it's possible to get an implant and the get veneers on the adjacent teeth instead of crowns?

I won't be smiling much for the next few weeks. This temporary crown is the worst I've ever had! The others were way too big, this one is sooo small! It feels like a nub. Yuck.

I should have tried out for The Swan. The free dental work would have been worth the humiliation of sobbing my fool head off about my poor self-esteem. Actually, I've been hearing this a lot as of late, and I must say, I do struggle with certain issues, but as a whole I have pretty darn good self-esteem. I may be self-conscious about certain things (my snaggly toof), but I think I'm alright.

So back to being thankful, that always helps me when I throw myself a pity party. I should be happy that I have any teeth at all. I once had a pt, bike vs pole and the pole won. This kid knocked all this front teeth out, not just a couple, HIS ENTIRE SMILE WAS GONE! How miserable would that be?

Almost feeling better. Of course it helps that I've decided to sequester myself in my apartment. I don't want any contact with anyone and am seriously considering using my plethora of sick time next week. I'm helping out a fellow Foxy Cropper Ginger at the Memories Expo tomorrow. Darn! I forgot 3 of my coworkers are going. Shite. The jig is up. I have to go to work next week.

I'm hungry but I don't know what I can eat. I guess I'll subsist purely on bananas and Lucky Charms for a few weeks for fear of dropping this temp crown. Visions of biting into an In n' Out burger and having my tooth get stuck in it...sigh.

Monday, September 05, 2005


I am just numb after seeing so many images of destruction and despair from Louisiana. I can't even begin to imagine the despair the residents of New Orleans must be feeling now.

I thought I'd do an exercise in gratitude by counting my blessings.

- Family: It may not be the typical Mexican family, but it works for us. For so long my family consisted of my mom, my sister, and me. But now I'm fortunate to include my niece, my 2 nephews, my brother-in-law (whom I used to despise but now he's like my own brother), fictive kin (my BIL's friend and his family), my tia (we're still not clear on how we're related, but we are)...and I'm thankful that I was able to get to know extended family in Mexico (again, not sure how we're related anymore) this past December.

- Friends: Of course there's The Groupie...lately I've been very sappy about how much they mean to me. Today I was cleaning up my old computer's files when I ran across a 409 page document comprised of old emails from the Groupie from 1995 to 1999. I need to get those printed out and put in a book. It's too bad I didn't save many emails from 1999 to 2003. It's a good thing our Yahoo site archives all the email since we first started using it 2 years ago. Anyway, I'm blessed with enduring friendships from high school, as well as more recent ones. My friend Maricar and I still keep in contact after working together at CHLA and going through the Internship Program. She left in 2001, but we still KIT. Another friend, Yojana, and I met in 1997 at LACC in a microbio class. She dropped the class and soon moved to Texas, but we've managed to keep in touch (mostly due to her efforts) and I even went to her wedding a couple of years ago.

While I'm on the subject, I might as well mention that there are 3 friendships that meant a lot to me that I've managed to lose. Katie, my freshman year roommate, and I became good friends. I went to her wedding too, but now she's MIA. I really miss her, but I hope whatever she's up to now brings her much happiness. Robert and I met at the USC Catholic Center in 1996. We were good buds and many mistook us for siblings (must have been the nose). I tried to go to his wedding, but lacking an actual invitation and apparently misunderstanding (I hope that's what it was) the time of the ceremony, that friendship fell by the wayside. And then Joe Mama. I don't know how or why, but I offended him in some terrible way that he never spoke to me again. It's a running gag now, whenever I see him at work I ask him if he's still mad at me. He just smiles and laughs it off, but doens't say anything. Maybe one of these days he'll forget he's angry at me and he'll just start shooting the shit.

So that last part was random, but I figured if I was talking about friendships I might as well discuss that. Anyway, I can tie it back into the whole gratitude thing by reminding myself of how lucky I was to have had those friendships, limited as they were. They served their purpose at the time I suppose, so for that I should be grateful.

- Work: OK, I may just be getting old and or malnourished, but work has been really tiring lately. The work itself isn't any different, just my reaction to it I suppose. I'm just fatigued. But, I'm VERY lucky to have a job I love and that provides me with the means to do the things I like to do. It's far better to have too much work than none at all. Now if we could just manager to pull off a decent Holiday Party sans bowling alley, that would be sweet.

- Love: Of course I have love in my life, but as the title of my blog insinuates, none of this love is of the Cupid kind. So why should I even bother being grateful for this? Good question. I've realized in the last few months that while the 2 major relationships of my life ended badly, they were quite lovely while they lasted and will always provide me with warm fuzzy memories, downright hysterical moments, and invaluable lessons. My mother still prays that someone will come into my life who will "honor and respect me as a human being and not as paycheck" (exactly how much money does my mom think I make that some schmuck would consider it a privilege to part me from it?!?). My prayers for that are over, but I do thank God I had the chance to have the love of good men for at least a while. Ooh, that last sentence sounds almost hedonistic. I'm running with it, after all, I'm establishing myself as a 21st Century Spinster. I really should trademark that.

So those are just a few of my blessings.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Reunion is over!

I had a blast! Things went smoothly for the most part, and it was great seeing so many faces from the past! (That was not my attempt at a poem). I think everyone had a great time, especially my girls, The Groupie! We can seriously have fun in a cardboard box. I am blessed with wonderful and enduring friendships. I really feel like these girls are my sisters. I thank God everyday for having placed us in one another's paths. They've been here for me for so long, since I was 14 and one since 2nd grade! I don't know what I'd do without them. Here are some pictures.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Staying up late gets you nowhere...

It's 3am and I'm still up, and it's not even because I'm at work. My friends Craig and Yvette just left my apt after working on the reunion video for 7 hours...yup that's right, 7 hours in addition to the 7 from last week. We had a couple of set backs, so had to do some damage control. We'll continue to work on it next week.

I haven't slept since Tuesday 5pm (4 hours) so I'm a bit sleepy-stupid (one step beyond my usual sleepy-drunk), but I just checkeed out and giggled for a good bit. It's a really weird and utterly useless wate of time, but it's quite amusing if that's your thing.

Anyway, so that's what's on my mind on a Thursday morning at 3am. Night!

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I CANNOT wait until planning and preparing for this reunion is over. And that's really sad.

On a happier note, I went to my friend Gracie's wedding present-opening party at her brother's house. It was nice, I took pictures of each gift and the happy couple as usual. Already Snapfished them off. I'd love to include pix here but I don't know how to do it!

I'd like to document a moment of compassion and empathy. Gracie's mother mentioned that my friend Chuchi and I would be next to marry (not to each other FYI). I used my standard "Ya me quede" which means basically I'm an old-maid. She laughed it off and said that God would see about that. But the moment of empathy to which I refer was something that Gracie's SIL said to me. She said that she was 38 when she married and to look at her daughter, whom she'd had at 40. I just thought it was very kind of her to share that with me. I wonder if she went through the same types of feelings I've been having about the whole issue. The quiet way she said it made me think she had.

I recently asked my mom if she felt a bit hopeless about marriage/family when she was my age and still single (that's got a soap opera story to it, but I'll leave that for another entry). She said she never felt like she should worry about it, she was too busy working and taking care of her brother's multitude of kids. This is useful information. A few months ago I had a bit of an epiphany about how grateful I ought to be for what I do have. Granted, I'd love to be in a loving relationship with an awesome man, but I should appreciate the fact that I'm single and really quite free of stressors (sans aforementioned Queen B). I can come and go as I please, don't have bratty kids clingy to me since I get to give them back to their parents ;), therefore I should enjoy my singledom and have fun with it. So that's what I mean to do. I'm taking fun classes (A Day to Create with Tena Sprenger and Carol Wingert is always a happy occiasion), enjoying my friendships, and playing with my sister's offspring. Maybe at some point this won't be enough for me, but for now it's pretty darn great. Who knows, maybe I am meant for something non-family life related and it just hasn't been revealed to me yet. And maybe there's nothing bigger and better out there for me, but I intend to be as happy as I can be. And if that makes me boring so be it!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Goings on of my weekend

OK, now that Gracie's wedding is over, I can laugh whole-heartedly about the disasters that were the bridesmaids' dresses. Beside the fact that a few fit horribly or not at all, my skirt was altogether wrong. And too bad I didn't notice until the week before the wedding when I was about to have it hemmed! "It just needs to be hemmed" I erroneously informed the seamstress who was working on a few of our dresses. She was the one who noticed it was different than all the other's. Duh. That would explain the extra fabric I noticed when I picked it up at Alfred Angelo's. That place SUCKS. Their customer service is atrocious. No wonder they got a D- in Bridal Bargains.

Anyway, I scrambled around the garment district the week before the wedding looking for a suitable chiffon with which to make a new skirt. I ended up buying three different shades of red to be on the safe side. Dau, the seamstress, made me a whole new skirt (twice!) and I must say she did a great job. Disaster was averted several times around thanks to her.

The wedding was so much stinking fun. A good time was had by all. We managed to pull off another Senior sweater picture thanks to Chuchi. I'll figure out how to post pictures on here eventually. Plenty of drunkeness and debauchery.

Sunday I spent the day at my sister's house. Poolside. Ah yeah, finally got a bit of a tan. I actually had to go on my building's rooftop on Friday to get rid of my farmer tan (yuck) since I wore a strapless to the wedding. That evening my sister and I got some groovy CD's at Target. Titles such as Booty Shakin Hits of the 90's...gotta love 'em!

And now here I am back at work. Trying really hard to stay awake. Working nights is getting a lot tougher. It's so hard to stay awake and then recuperate after a couple of nights working. Sigh. Can't wait to win the lottery.

So now I just have to worry about the reunion. Someday I'll laugh about that as well. But not just yet.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm living in fear...

At least for tonight. I got home tonight at midnight and I when I turned the corner to my street, I noticed a guy walking across the street at the crosswalk. When I looked in my rearview mirror before trying to back up into a parking space, I noticed he walked back across the street to where he came from. I thought that was weird but I kept trying to park while fishing my cell phone out of my bag. By the time I looked up after I got my phone, he was walking on my side of the street towards my car. So then I got a little freaked but figured I was just being paranoid and finished parking my car. Well when I was nice and snug in the space (prime parking spot so I don't have to wake up early to move the car in the morning for street cleaning) he was waiting about ten yards behind and to the side of my car at a wall by the gas station lot.

So that was it, I pulled out and kept driving. I went around the block (a kinda big block too) and when I turned the corner he was there waiting! So I kept driving and damn near panicked. I called work because I didn't have anyone else to call at that hour, just to stay on the phone while I was driving. They insisted I call the police but I wondered if they'd even come for a paranoid girl. But this dude was seriously up to no good, and I'm not easily scared by that sort of thing. I ended up calling the manager of my building and she came out to meet me while I parked. I was really freaked out. The way he kept watching me no matter what I did.

I heard once you should put great big dirty workboots out on your porch to give the impression that a big burly man lives with you. What would the equivalent be for your car? Guess I'll be carrying around that pepper spray the managers at work gave us. Though with my bad luck and my general clumsiness I'd likely spray myself with it. Sigh.

So what other adventures did I have today? Well, first thing I met my brother in law at the Ford collision center to have my bumper looked at. Yesterday while attempting to park into an angled parking space at the dentist's, I inadvertently bumped into the sidewalk. The large dip into the sewer made the car go into the curb at a weird angle, and apparently with enough force to completely mangle the underside of my bumper. So I literally ran my car into the ground. What a dweeb. So that little mishap will cost approximately $650. This comes on the heels of a $300 bill to replace the left side mirror on my car after some ass hat knocked it off. I don't know if they drove past my car too close or if some lousy hoodrats played baseball with my mirror, but someone had the decency to place the mirror on my trunk. When I was walking towards my car I mistook the mirror for a dead bird. I think I'd have preferred the dead bird to a broken mirror. I could have just driven fast enough to make the bird fall off, and as much as I loathe littering, at least the bird is biodegradable.

Anyhoo, that's how I started my morning, mangled bumper. Then I installed Microsoft Office and Photoshop on my new puter. Woo hoo! Now to learn how to work the damn thing (Photoshop and I have a tenuous relationship).

Then I hunted for a unity candle for my friend Gracie for her wedding this Saturday. After I found ONE, pickings are slim for unity candles I guess, I trekked to Duarte to pick up my bridesmaids dress, finally! That has been an ordeal unto itself. I will not speak of it until I can laugh it off. At this point, I'm still not sure if I can pull it off, so I'll have to follow up on it later.

After that, I went to the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. That was yumsers! Part of the wedding party ended up back at Gracie and Gary's apartment to check out the home theater system they have up. We watched parts of LOTR (3rd installement) and Full Metal Jacket. HOW could I have not seen this movie before?!? I left before the end, so I'll definitely have to Netflix it.

The night was topped off with the aforementioned fright. And now I believe I'm finally sleepy enough to overcome the jittery feeling. Good night folks!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I'm finally doing something computer-related on my own. Well, not entirely on my own since the good people at Blogger provide the infrastructure to create a blog, but I am proud of myself nonetheless. I know, it's not a big deal at all to start a stinking blog, especially sans HTML coding (which I have done believe it or not), but I'm a firm believer in giving myself props for the small things I do on my own without screwing up. Now to figure out exactly how to post pictures, links, etc without flipping things on their sides like is my wont.

I wish desperately that this could be witty and ascerbic like the blogs I like to read, but I'm too dull for that. I'm still not sure what form this will take, but I hope I'll at least have fun with it.

So I'll have to be patient with myself as I get a footing on this blogging jazz.