Friday, August 18, 2006


Where the hell is PETA in a case like this?

The poor pup. I can empathize. I had an equal amount of slobber streaming from my mouth last night at McDonald's. There are certain times when I have such a fierce craving for McD's fries, I can scarcely control myself. Last night I decided to "be good" and get a side salad with my cheeseburger, mostly due to peer pressure as my coworker was next to me. Now ordinarly, I don't place such restrictions on myself unless I don't fit into my pants. Well, my scrubs have been a bit tight recently, so there you go. Side salad.

Too bad I'm sitting here still wanting a few nice and salty fries.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Pablo Ruiz

Seventeen years ago, I fell completely in love with this Argentinian pop star. Today I pulled out an old videotape, circa 1990-91, and have been watching the DOZENS of performances of his I caught on Spanish TV. I guess this was my first obsession. Gotta love that big nose and the great hair. And those sweet choreographed dance moves. I got to Googling him today and he's pretty much dropped off the face of the planet. So then I thought it'd be nice to get his music on CD, since my old tapes were well-worn 16 years ago, I can only imagine how crappy they'd sound now. Too bad the buttheads on eBay are selling the CDs for $40. Are they nuts?!?

Pablo Ruiz. Sigh. I still love him, even if he is gay.

*ETA* So I got one of the CDs (my fave actually) on eBay for $8. Too bad the shipping is just as much.