Thursday, March 30, 2006

I was such a cute kid...what happened?

I spent the evening finally helping my mom sort through family photos, many of them damaged by a flooded garage years ago. Here are some of my favorites. There's the famous too-big lime green bikini that I sported in Acapulco. It kept falling off, but hey, at 3 I wasn't too modest anyway.

Then there's the infamous potty picture. Whenever moms of toddlers tell me their pained stories of attempts at potty training, I tell them to just do what my mom did, tie the brats to their potty chairs. Worked for me, I was potty-trained at 12 months. Of course, to this day I can't void unless I have chonies around my ankles, apparently I need to feel some sort of restraint when peeing.

There's the Halloween 1985 picture of me dressed like a nurse (who'd have known). The chubby Asian kid is my little buddy Dominic Lau. I often think if our mothers believed in arranged marriages Dom and I would have been betrothed in preschool. Dom went on to push me in the 2nd grade, causing me to fracture my arm in three places. So I guess I should blame my slightly gimpy arm on him. Anyway, you can't tell from the pic, but the book in my hand is "Go Ask Alice." Obviously, someone wasn't monitoring my reading materials at 8 years old.

And finally one of me at the organ. No story to that one, just love my little pigtails.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


How I Met Your Mother. I want to date every single one of these guys. Even Barney, the token dickhead with a heart of gold.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Being a spinster comes in handy...

when your niece needs to make a costume for a school project. I spent the last 3 days at my sister's house making this. Now if I had a family of my own, would I be able to get away with that?

I had planned on going out Friday night, but my plans were thwarted by aforementioned project. My love of anything Irish is well known. But I seem to have a little St. Patrick's Day tradition of my own...making plans for Midori Sours and maybe just a taste of Guinness (yuck), and then getting assed out. Every year something happens that prevents me from following through with my plans. Granted, for the past couple of years I really don't feel like going out to a bar or club. But because it was St. Pat's, I was REALLY looking forward to going out last night. Unfortunately, my sewing skills aren't that great so it's taking me a lot longer to finish this dress than I had anticipated. I had to stay one more night to work on it and since I'm working this weekend and the project is due Tuesday, I really wanted to finish yesterday afternoon and then celebrate at McMurphy's Tavern.

So as disappointed as I was to spend one of my favorite holidays in a sweatshop, my sister was much more upset than I was. Upon being informed that I had to cancel plans with my friends, my sister responded with, "Damn you! You could have met your future husband tonight and I want a niece or nephew!" She had even bought some sparkly green bracelets for me to where out. When she came home, we were no where near being done with the dress at that point and, once she saw how much work was involved, she didn't make me leave.

So now my sister is acting like a biological clock by proxy.

**ETA** My niece got an A on her project. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

10 Things Guaranteed to Put Me In A Good Mood

I can always find something to blog about on 2Peas.

1. Sour Punch Straws
2. hearing a Violent Femmes song on the radio
3. flannel pj's
4. cold Dr. Pepper in a can
5. hearing from old friends
6. sucking on a lime
7. getting hugs & kisses from my sister's kids
8. getting a compliment
9. finding money I'd forgotten about (doesn't happen nearly enough)
10. Vegas baby, you just can't be in a bad mood in Vegas


Been busy doing this bit of craziness in my craft closet. Don't worry, it's only one very small wall.