Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shooting myself in the foot

So last night I was at work for a retirement party for one of my coworkers. I had some bulky items for the potluck so I parked in the visitors parking to minimize my walking. The party ended about 9:30, I got in the main elevator with a bunch of people, one of whom was a tall guy. I noticed because most of the visitors were short. Anyway, I had forgotten that I didn't park in the employee parking across the street, so I walked outside (past the tall dude waiting by the visitor parking elevator) and then remembered and walked back into the lobby.

I waited with tall dude and then a family came. Tall dude got into the elevator first without pushing a button, which set off alarms in my head. I pressed my button and the family did also. I pulled out my phone for safety, the family got off on the first stop, so it was just tall dude and me. I stayed in the elevator until he got out and had walked away a bit. Since my car was the first space by the elevator, I was able to get in knowing tall dude was pretty far off, so I felt an attack was unlikely.

I'm pulling out of the space and suddenly there's tall dude at my window talking to me. So now I'm scared because I'd put my phone back in my bag and there was no one down there with us. My car was still moving so I cracked my window an inch and bellowed out, "Can I help you?" He asked if I spoke Spanish and I said I did and asked what he needed (and the words I used in Spanish were kinda rude). He said that he figured he may as well dare to tell me that I was very beautiful and if I was married. I said thank you and he asked if I was visiting a sick child and I replied that I worked there. He got really embarrassed and apologized and walked away.

Now here's the thing of it, turns out tall dude was just my type, tall, thin, dark, and he was kinda cute. And I'm always wondering why things like that don't happen to me, guys approaching me without cheesy "How you doing baby?" lines. But I was so on the defense against getting attacked, I practically barked at this dude, basically shooting myself in the foot.

Then again, I may very well have averted an attack by being so belligerent. I'll never know.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A funny blurb...

So I posted this on one of my message boards, thought I'd post it here since I've been remiss in my blogging duties. Here's a choice excerpt from a guy's profile on Catholic Singles. I guess it's pretty chicken shit of me to be posting it for giggles, but hey, we all need a good laugh sometimes right?

Grammar and spelling issues aside, it's kinda funny.

What it means to me to be a Catholic and/or my most significant religious experience: It's something spiritual I was grovin up with as a kid & on, I did not have a choice,my parents took me to church in Slovakia after birth& baptize me good people back home,not like here this circus maximus.

About Me: I'm simple& practical positive responsible man European-Slovak nat.origin live&work here pay taxes &etc..Honesty,integrity&loyalty are my character personalyties.Love nature,science&tech.,hiking & travel,oceans beaches,picnics&camping,all kinds of foods fruits&veggies&icecream too.I like to share things,smile,happynes food&simple things havin fun Be romantic&lovin hugs&kisses or just going crazy bananas with some special lady.I work hard&smart always mooving positively optimisticly forward.I do not like Greedy selfish shalowmindet selfobserv poison people who do not give enything back,all they do is take.

What am I looking for: Specialy nice&simple personaly,emoutionaly& mentaly stable&secure,working&independent ,good sence humor withy&inteligents romantic&funlover, cute& sexy solemate Lady to share my life with.

My ideal first date might be: Let's meet in publicly open place like caffe shop or a restaurant not too noizy for a good comunication-talking&observing geting to know each other better.