Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This was on fellow Foxy Erin's blog. Yeah, I'm swiping it.

This is me - A to Z

A-Age: 28
B-Bed size: Full
C-Chore you hate: Taking out the trash
D-Dessert you love: Warm apple cobbler w/ ice cream
E-Essential start your day item: Shower
F-Favorite actor(s): Tom Hanks
G-Gold or Silver: Prefer silver but I only ever wear a gold crucifix
H-Height: 5'4"
I-Instruments you play: the recorder, but only one song
J-Job title: Clinical Nurse II
K-Kids: NONE
L-Living arrangements: Just me in my slum
M-Mom's name: Herminia (Mina, Mama Medina)
N-Name something you love to do: Sing at the top of my lungs in my car
O-Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None
P-Phobia: Worms
Q-Quote you like: Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of my own mind.
R-Right or left handed: Right
S-Siblings: Sister (35 yrs)
T-Time you woke up today: 9am (NOT like me at all!)
U-Unique habit: I put things in order at stores (obsessive compulsive trait)
V-Vegetable you hate: bell peppers
W-Worst habit: Procrastination
X-X-rays you've had: right arm, right foot, left hand, teeth, thorax
Y-Yummy food you can make: Turkey
Z- Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Crafty Day

Made this altered canvas wall hanging at a class taught by fellow Foxy Cropper Lisa Spiegel. Just love how it turned out. The Basic Grey paper I chose is a little crazy, but the black and white picture I'll use will tone it down a bit. One of the ladies in the class said she'd love to see the picture for it (she must have thought it would be kinky). It'll be a prim and proper picture of us at my friend's wedding this summer.

Last night we had our 12th Annual Groupie Christmas Get Together. We've been doing this since Senior year in high school. Last night those punk asses pulled a mean trick on me. I'd worked Friday night and hadn't slept at all on Saturday, so I fell asleep while watching Elf. Gracie woke me up to tell me that everyone had opened their gifts and had gone home while I slept. Being the gullible oaf that I am, I totally fell for it and was so disappointed that I'd missed all the presents. While I was trying to wrap my mind around their having left, they were busting up in the kitchen. Meanies.

So I got my present after all. Nga got me some comfy pajama bottoms and stinky soaps for my bathroom. It was awesome to get what I needed, but I like the fun of doing the gift exchange White Elephant style. This year I wasn't the only sleepy one there, so we didn't get as imaginative with our pictures as last year, but had a nice time just the same.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feeling crafty...

and frustrated that I lost my post. And that my pics didn't go where I wanted them. Aargh.

Anyway, I've been in a crocheting frenzy this week thanks to inspiration from joining the Atwater Village Stitch n' Bitch a couple of weeks ago. I have enough expensive hobbies, I don't think knitting will join them anytime soon. For now crocheting (the tackier of the two) is enough for me. Here are the scarves I made this week.

Today I went downtown with Bucket and Crystle to shop for fabric and ribbon and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Yum. Anyway, I'm thinking of making tote bags a la Bungalow 360. Really digging the Michael Miller and Alexander Henry fabrics. We searched high and low for Amy Butler fabric but had no luck. Here are my fabric finds. Somewhere in my craft closet I have a pile of cute flannel I'd earmarked for pajama bottoms, but thinking of all the stuff I have to get done before the holidays, I may just put that off for next year.