Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good riddance 2008

I am so glad to see this year end. Some very rotten stuff has happened this year right up until the end and I can't wait to say goodbye to this terrible, no-good, very bad year.

So somewhere on the mayhem that is my desk is my list of resolutions for 2008. I can't quite remember every item on it, but as I am a woman I'm sure losing weight ranked high on the list. Saving money for a house and car were on it. I guess that covers the important stuff of, security, transportation.

Weight. I can happily report that I have lost a grand total of 3 lbs in the last year through no effort on my part. I started the year working out several times a week for several months, but the last few I can always find other things to do instead of working out. Laundry, sleep, helping my sister, cleaning.

Savings. Not so good on that front. I honestly don't know where my money goes. It's not like I go shopping much (and my sad wardrobe can attest to that), I gave up all my hobbies, and as I lack a drug habit I really wonder how my money just seeps from my account. Too many movies perhaps?

Still, with the housing market tanking (neener neener overspending greedy bastards) I have some hope that I may finally be able to afford a home of my own. Soooo not looking forward to having my mother move in with me, but she's getting long in the tooth and I do need her to fulfill my spinsterly destiny. She'll take the place of a cat.

I will have to work on my resolutions for 2009 but for those of us who sorta left our 2008 resolutions by the wayside, check out the link below for ideas on how to get some of the most common resolutions checked off your list in ONE DAY. How efficient is that?!?

Diary of a Crafty Chica
Warp speed resolutions? Bring 'em on!