Saturday, January 21, 2006

10 Everyday Items I Couldn't Live Without

So fellow Pea and Foxy Michelle posted this challenge on 2Peas like 2 seconds ago, so I promised her I'd put it on my blog.

The 10 Everyday Items I Couldn't Live Without are:
1. my computer
2. Silicone Glove lotion from AVON
3. Labello lip balm
4. my shower radio
5. bras
6. Nitrile gloves
7. nail polish
8. color in any shape or form, i.e. colored pens, SB supplies, clothes
9. warm socks
10. my comb for "ethnic hair," as my hair is quite enthusiastic ;)

And here's another challenge I saw on 2Peas.
What are 5 Things That You Consistently Worry About Each Day?

1. my fake tooth flying out of my mouth
2. my Shooting Butt Pain (aka sciatica) acting up
3. any manner of bug flying into my mouth
4. locking myself out of my apartment
5. Ok, that's it, I just don't worry that much I guess. The things I worry about are kinda lame, but that's a good thing right?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I got tagged by Bucket a while back, but I'm barely getting around to this. Sorry.

Four movies you would watch over and over again (in no real order):
Say Anything
Dirty Dancing
Singing the Rain

Four places you have lived:
in LA-Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, South Central, Atwater Village
and El Paso, Texas

Four T.V. shows you love to watch:
Gray's Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother (LOVING THIS!)

Four places you have been on vacation:
Puerto Vallarta

Four web-sites I visit daily:
only FoxyCroppers
but almost daily, TwoPeas

Four of my favorite foods:
Buffalo Wings
French Dips
Picadillo (a type of soup)
anything with lime

Four places I’d rather be right now:
at the movies
on a beach in Cancun
in New York watching Wicked
in new York watching Martha Stewart live

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back from Mexico

So I'm back from Zacatecas. I took about 400 pictures, not very good ones I'm afraid. But here is the absolute worst picture I've ever taken, and of course, it's of someone I really dig. "Vampiro" from Jaguares, whose butt inspires lust in my otherwise pure soul, was on my flight from Mexico City! He walked passed me while getting to his seat, but slowly enough for me to think, "Damn, that scruffy guy is cute." Then I thought he looked familiar, but upon glancing at his backside I immediately recognized him. Jaguares are playing at the Anaheim HOB this weekend and somehow I missed knowing about it. Damn. Oh well, I have to work anyway. So homeboy was just sitting on the bench at LAX waiting for his ride when I took this picture. I'd have had a perfect shot of him at customs but didn't want to risk undue attention to myself (had some contraband in my luggage, nothing crazy though). So anyway, that trip ended on an exciting note.

So I came back home and found out my college roommate Katie is now a mother! Her little guy Will looks absolutely adorable. I made him a little present so hopefully I'll get to send that out tomorrow.

I'm really lazy right now and I have to go to work tonight, so I'll add a couple of pictures from my trip tomorrow.