Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ten Things I Think Make Me a Cool Girlfriend:

Thinking of posting this on all my future dating profiles. LMK what you think.

1. I love low-brow humor a la Will Ferrell and Steve Carrel movies.
2. I don’t care about anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, at least not in terms of gifts.
3. If I do have a gift coming to me, like a birthday or Christmas gift, you can safely bet that I will make obvious what I specifically want so no guessing is involved.
4. I don’t care if a guy is obsessed with sports, so long as I don’t have to join him.
5. Feel free to have guy time, even if it involves going to an occasional strip joint…lookie lookie no touchy touchy is my motto.
6. I won’t make a guy see a chick flick with me, that’s what mothers and girlfriends are for.
7. I’ll laugh at stupid jokes.
8. I don’t need to see or talk to a guy everyday.
9. If I’m upset, I don’t like to talk about feelings. Just leave me alone for a bit and I’ll get over it, or break up with you.
10. I don’t wear expensive jewelry so a big bag of sour candy scores mega points.