Sunday, November 11, 2007


My favorite patient Shirley posted this on her myspace blog and I thought it was so good I just have to post it here. See why I love this kid?

Why some people have CF - sorry to the normal people
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"Ok, a lot of people ask me why people have CF or how you get CF so I am just going to post this to let everyone know.

Some people are born so cool and awesome in everyway possible that in order to even it out and make it fair for everyone else in the world these people are forced to deal with this disease. It comes from the same gene that makes them all so cool. The gene used to be normal but when the body realizes how special these individuals are and how much they would rule the world and everyone in it, the gene is altered so that these special few don't have such an advantage over the "normal people" of this world. While it is still obvious that these people are so extraordinary they are kept in check by the daily routine of Nebulizers, Physio, Vest Therapy, Pills, and whatever else is required. The average life expectancy at this point is about 30-35 which explains why the age to become President of the United States is 35 and the only reason they made that the minimum age is because if the age was any younger everyone of the U.S. Presidents would of been individuals with CF because everyone admires them so much and realizes they are so much better than anyone else in the world.

Another major reason people have CF is not only cause they are so cool and awesome, but because they are also so hot and sexy. Again since it wasn't fair to the general public that these people be so damn hot and sexy they were given CF which makes them cough up green chunks and other things which aren't usually related to sexiness in order to try and tone down their individual sexiness, however this does not seem to work all that well because everyone knows that those with CF are still the hottest people around.

Ok I hope this answers many of your questions out there, if not then either you will never understand, or you are just jealous and in denial about yourself not being able to be so cool and sexy enough to have CF. I feel sorry for all you "normal people" out there... I just don't know how you deal with it sometimes."