Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So I've mentioned that I think in terms of lists. A while back, I found this neato book at Urban Outfitters. I haven't actually filled it out but figured I may as well make it a bloggercise. Seems like a fine way to procrastinate.

List Pets You've Had and Their Names

*1984 - a furry (not sleek, yuck) guinea pig named Squeaky. The day she died I ran into my sister's room screaming "She's dead! She's dead!" and my sister thought I was talking about our mom.

*1985 - another furry guinea pig by the name of CeeCee. We took her with us when we moved to Texas. Some asshole(s) broke into our house, stole some stuff, and killed her. How cruel is that?

*1989 - a runt of a cat my sister bought from some kids on our street. His name was Bandit since he was all white except for his black paws and the black patch across his eyes. He was a cutie. My mom got sick of him for no good reason and gave him away. I still haven't forgiven her for that.

*1993 - the BEST dog EVER, my Doberman Dukie. He used to run sideways and could see ghosts. To this day if I see a Dobie that looks like him I get teary-eyed.

*1995 - a psychotic cat name Nala. She's the demon feline who made me think that cats have the Devil in them.

*1996 - another cat, Jonah. This one was foisted upon me by my roommates and had a horrible snot problem. In the end, my mom and I got stuck with the cat despite the fact that we never even wanted him. My mom got rid of him. I wasn't too mad at her for that one though.

And that is it. I'm done with most pets. Unless I buy a house with a yard, then I'd get a Doberman and name her Pandora. Or Aeryn Sun (I'm a Farscape geek remember?).

BTW, you can build your own lists at Just in case you need an excuse to procrastinate too.

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