Monday, June 02, 2008

I ran into someone today

My first boyfriend. So even HE is married and has kids. If you ever met the guy you'd understand my surprise. Though he did say if he had to do it over again, he wouldn't have married. Seems like I keep hearing things like that. I think the universe is talking to me again.

Anyway, just strange to have a blast from the past.


papelytijeras said...

Hola Chica...nooooo the Universe is not talking to you like that. Look at me..things can just takes effort in how much you are willing to make it work. Call me soon.

Marcie said...

I think that the universe it telling you that your ex-boyfriends are just that, ex-boyfriends. They obviously were not the ones for you! Imagine, being stuck in an unhappy marriage to them now? Yeah, no, not for you!

Your man is out there! Not all men are bad...the good ones are just harder to find thats all.

It'll be worth it in the end=)

Odette said...

Hi Stranger! How are you? You're still funnier than ever. Hope to see you soon!

Bucket said...

I just read this, I had dinner with two friends from high school.. both are in their late 30's and have no desire to ever get married. It's just that... I don't know what the hell they are waiting for. When you find the right one you know it will be forever.