Friday, February 08, 2008

I luvs me some KROQ right now

So the radio station that I've listened to most of my life (but not so much in the last few years because I'm an old spaz and I can't handle the music anymore) is doing a Top 10 with a twist this weekend. They've come up with some great lists and I was sooo digging the ones this afternoon. Songs for losers, 1995 (year I graduated high school), Pearl Jam, 1993, they're doing Green Day right now. I live my life in lists. I categorize and sort and re-sort everything into lists. I have my Top 20 Boyfriends List (celebs I *would*), Top 10 Songs to Jam to in the Shower, Top 5 Places to Visit, etc. A few years ago I participated in a circle journal. One of the girls picked music as her theme. Most people did a layout about their favorite song or band. I couldn't narrow it down that way. I made little file folders with lists such as 5 Songs That Remind Me of Boyfriends, Songs to Crank in the Car, Songs to Dance To, I even threw in Religious Songs. Someday I'll have to open up that file in my old computer and see if anything has changed.

I really dig this format. So check out the lists they have planned this weekend.


Listen to KROQ today and all weekend long for your Top 10 songs from just about everything, with one top 10 countdown after another. We've got your top 10...

Songs for losers
Songs of 1995
Old School Punk Songs
Beastie Boys songs
Songs from bands that Kevin from Kevin & Bean broke up
Songs of 2001
Cover songs
Pearl Jam songs
Songs to take with you to rehab
Songs of 1993
KROQ songs in Guitar Hero
Green Day Songs
Songs for the ladies
Songs from movies
Songs from 2005
New School Punk songs
Songs by Sublime
Breakup songs
Songs from the crypt
Songs from 1999
Stoner songs
Rage Against The Machine songs
Songs by OC bands
Songs from 2000
Foo Fighter songs
Songs from chicks who rock
Songs from 1990
Grunge songs
Songs about So Cal
Bob Marley songs
Songs from bands who aren't as good as the original
Songs from 2007
Songs for the color blind
Linkin Park Songs
Songs from one hit wonders
Songs from 1992
Guyliner Songs
Offspring Songs
Most annoyng songs
Songs from 2004
Songs from 1998
Road Rage Songs
Electronica songs
Songs from 1991
Songs from 1996
Acoustic songs
311 songs
Songs of 2003
Ska songs
Smashing Pumpkin songs
Songs of 1994
Songs of 2006
Red Hot Chili Pepper Songs
Teabag Songs
Songs of 1997
Shortest Kroq Songs

Anyone care to post their lists?


Odette said...

What is "ska songs"

I'm lame!!!

yezenia said...

Ska is like fast reggae. Think Sublime, o.g. No Doubt, Dance Hall Crashers, Reel Big Fish.

Nigel Patel said...

Welcome back!

Top Bad Brains live albums
Best Canadian songs that mention alcohol
Non-punk songs by punk artists
Best attempts at sounding like the Stones
Songs one of your parents would embarrass you Favorite Prince songs
Top Brittish bands who LOVE The Pixies

Nigel Patel said...

That's "Songs one of your parents would embarrass you by liking.

Nigel Patel said...

Got a meme if you want it.
Who doesn't like a meme?

Bucket said...

Hey just in case you get this....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!